Zoom Video Editing: Beyond Trimming

I recently created a fun little clip using a couple of Zoom recordings that were edited and produced for a client’s campaign. This inexpensive solution resulted in a positive bump to the client’s online visibility. To get an idea of audience response and effective reach, the final clip was uploaded to YouTube and Facebook separately. Both social media platforms tend to like original posts, especially when it comes to video.

The first Zoom meeting started out with just Denise and I discussing the client’s web site project that we just launched along with a couple of other business matters.

The image below is a screen capture of the first Zoom meeting that eventually became the intro.

2 Zoom video squares

During our Zoom meeting we steered off course into the subject of parenting. We were interrupted by one of our wonderful sons asking where the matches were located. We started to discuss what ideas each other had for keeping our high schoolers busy and safe over the summer. Additionally, we talked about the new pass-fail for their grading, and the testing for SAT, ACT. It became apparent we needed answers and who more perfect to call than Annapolis College Consulting (whose site we just launched). It was dinnertime, but the client was eager to help. Just like that, I realized that combining these clips could make a fun information video.
 The image below shows the 3 squares as they originally were captured in Zoom. 

The image below shows the 3 squares as they originally were captured in Zoom.

In Conclusion

Since this really was not a planned interview, Denise started snacking on potato chips. I cannot really blame her since it was dinnertime. However, she did not realize her image was being displayed while eating chips. The result was not very flattering. I needed to find a way to crop her out for part of the segment. As it turns out, Adobe Premiere handled this like a champ. I was even able to crop out a few other items to improve the composition of the 2 remaining videos and add other subtle effects using key-frames.

The result:

  • The client was excited to have material to use to spread the word about school year grades and testing.
  • The video directly uploaded to Facebook gained more reach, but had almost the same views as the YouTube video.
  • The YouTube video was shared to multiple pages and groups with likes and comments on the posts.
  • Audience reach was more effective and efficient with video directly loaded to Facebook.

This was just a fun project that demonstrates that Zoom can be recycled to make a low budget video for some informal interviews with decent results. Also, we gained some more insight on how to post the client’s videos in the future.

We also generated a shorter version for the client, which she was able to use for a 2nd posting campaign.