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Learn and Lead is a Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce event prepared by the Leadership Committee along with Liz League, CEO GSPACC

Our Popular Learn and Lead Committee is launching a series of talks geared for non-profit organizations.
This month’s topic is Identify Your “Why” and Form Your Strategy
Larry Sells of Larry Sells Consulting and Jenn Triplett of Treebranch Group will explore with participants their “Why” which is the basis of any marketing strategy. They will discuss how to touch the hearts of donors and supporters, and tools commonly used for fundraising events.


Resources and Recordings

Learn and Lead

Is Your Leadership and Asset or a Liability?

June 23rd

Exploring 5 Leadership Personalities

June 23rd

Author and business coach Todd Popham facilitating this week’s Learn and Lead. Your personality is how you present yourself to the world – your clients, prospects, and your team. It is how others see you. At this session you will have the opportunity to take the Big Five Personality Assessment, discover your personality profile, and learn how it impacts your leadership behavior and your business results. this test is free.

Hosted by the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce

Mindful Communications

June 16th

Special guest Bill Mies, CFM Qualified MBSR Teacher. Intro to the practice of meditation as it relates to mindful listening and speaking. This topic is directly related to stress management.

LinkedIn: Dr. Mansur Hasib

June 9th Registration Required.
“I believe leadership is the simple act of helping others succeed. Leadership does not come from a position. We should not confuse it with management, authority, control, or celebrity. When lots of people in an organization or society engage in active teaching and learning, the pace of productivity and innovation rises dramatically. Ethical leadership is the principle of equitably sharing the fruits of success with the people who created that success. ” Dr. Hasib

Leading the Future Leaders

June 2nd

Businesses are the heart of teaching real life leadership skills. This session will focus on local businesses helping our future leaders through mentoring and projects for High School Seniors. We will also explore projects that High School Seniors can work on to support a community cause. More to come. Presented by Annapolis College Consulting. This Zoom is also open to parents of high school rising sophomores and juniors, even if you are not part of the chamber.

Leadership During a Crisis

During this session one of the areas we discussed was the importance of taking care of yourself as a leader. Whether it’s taking a walk or reading a book this is one of the most important things that we tend to overlook. By Todd Popham

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We have been demonstrating the word “Resilience” during the past several weeks. This session we will discuss how we can better implement Resilience in our business and personal life. By Todd Popham

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Business Vision Post COVID 19

Great leaders manage the day to day and lead with vision. Download the guide.
Building Your Vision

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Marketing Advice During a Crisis

It’s essential in order to continue to thrive as a business and human to believe we will pull through this together as a community. Through remaining grounded in your roots, values, and passions, you will naturally build a strong community of like minded people. By Jenn Triplett, Treebranch Group

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Be a VP - Virtual Professional

Video calls have replaced meetings and social engagement with friends and family. Are you properly prepared both mentally and technically? This is a recording from our weekly meeting We will exchange advice on being prepared to to Rock Your Next Video call. By Jenn Triplett, Treebranch Group

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PDF of Virtual-Professional-Treebranch-Group

Todd Popham

Business Coach & Author

Todd Popham is the founder and president of Popham & Associates, LLC in Millersville, Maryland—a professional-services firm providing small-business consulting, leadership coaching, and interpersonal-skills training to clients throughout the United States. He is also the author of The Opportunity Coach newsletter.

You can read more of his writings at

Jenn Triplett

Creative Director, Treebranch Group

Jenn Triplett is the founding partner of Treebranch Group LLC She has been working in the multimedia design production and marketing design industry for 30 years, developing and designing websites, software graphical user interface design, kiosk production, and project management.

You can visit her photoblog

More Resources

Stress. Panic. Confusion. Our natural instinct as leaders is to comfort and reach out to others, to leverage our relational skills. The current pandemic has us off-balance, as we understand human contact accelerates the problem. The new norm is isolation – a proven detriment to healthy living, particularly for the elderly. Read Todd’s article.


The workplace today is being divided into two categories – essential and everyone else. Essential means you have a job, with potentially the option to work from home. Jobs declared non-essential could face uncertainty, or be furloughed or laid off.

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