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The Fall Season is The Best Time to Ramp Up Your ‘A Game’

Now that the summer has ended, it is the best time to sit down to get the wheels in motion for your business success. Most importantly reflecting on what is working and what is not for your online visibility. You likely may think websites, SEO, or social media can be scary at times, but we take that fear and responsibility off your shoulders.

There is more to visibility than googling yourself to see how your business is being presented.  Visibility involves behind-the-scenes activities that you may not realize factor into your search results. Therefore, we take a look at nitty gritty items such as your website’s integrity and branding, customer reviews, Google, LinkedIn pages, Facebook, email, and especially security.  Just because you are showing up in searches, items such as outdated themes, plug-ins, and PHP could put your site at serious risk for hacking, spamming, and blacklisting by search engines.

For that reason securing your site affects your visibility. But fear not, our comprehensive maintenance plan and hosting products include SSL certificates and security scanning with remediation.

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From Hosting Domains to Executing Campaigns

Treebranch Group brings clients a rooted approach where growth happens by building a strong foundation with attention to visibility. Our team has been working in the IT, website and marketing world for over 25 years.  This experience allows us to become a trusted adviser to our clients to find the right fit for their marketing needs. Services include web site diagnostics, hosting products and support, website design, web development, photography, graphics design, social media, and event support.  Most noteworthy our team has designed and launched 90+ sites for government, non-profit, e-commerce, online memberships, lawyers, filmmakers, real estate, animal care, churches, and schools.

Because you need to focus on what you do best, we will focus on what makes you look best in the world of online media and advertising.

Customized Website Design. Your Look. Your Style.

Women and family owned and operated marketing design company. Web Accessibility Compliance development available for those who are vision or hearing impaired.

Proud 5 year+ supporters of the Maryland State Childcare Association, The Annapolis Film Festival