We took a break to sit down and talk with James Golden, owner-operator at Golden Consulting about the importance of domain-based emails. We not only stress that this is one of the best ways to market and brand your business, but it can also be an important layer of protection for your online marketing accounts and email exchanges with clients. Set up complexity depends on the type of email you realistically need now and in the future. It oftentimes is less costly to set up with the plan of having one or 2 extra accounts for future use.
Most email marketing companies require a domain-based email for verification and to follow spam standards that they themselves must follow. When you use a 3rd party email the possibility of your email sitting in a Bulk, Spam, or Other folder increases which may result in loss of sales or integrity. Do not be fooled by free. Anything free means you are the product. Sometimes it may be worth, if you are aware and have protected yourself. However, when it comes to looking professional and leaving your digital branded footprint your company name is what needs be remembered and quickly visible to leave an impression, not a 3rd party.
Which would you prefer seeing? pizzacompany123@emailservices. com or sandy@pizzacompany.com
Yearly average cost:
• Domains: store.treebranchhosting.com $16.99 for standard .com
• Email such as Microsoft or Gmail Business averages about $120 for the lowest business package and can vary on what you need