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Domain Based Email: Security and Branding

We took a break to sit down and talk with James Golden, owner-operator at Golden Consulting about the importance of domain-based emails. We not only stress that this is one of the best ways to market and brand your business, but it can also be an important layer of...

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Preparing to Re-Open: Gorman & Williams Law

We found this to be a helpful article and wanted to share it. Just last week this came up in a team meeting as we think through the safe and legally safe way to start seeing clients again. Shared post from

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Save Maryland’s Child Care: Advocacy Site Launched

CALL TO ACTION: Please visit and use the appropriate links to contact Maryland policymakers to inform them of the critical role that access to childcare plays in reopening our economy and urge them to reopen licensed providers during...

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Your Canon Camera Can Now Be a Web Cam

Canon Cameras Transform into a Web Cam A remarkable thing happened a few weeks ago. I wanted to bring better clarity to my web video calls, than what I was getting with my current web cam. 439 more wordsYour Canon Camera Can Now Be a Web Cam

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