Marketing Visibility and SEO

Our GROWTH Packages

We adjust advertising depending on the market and engagement to give you an optimum return that meets your goals that are established. We use your analytics as the road map for growth. Google SEO is already considered in all of our packages, however Pro and Platinum are more dedicated to goal setting and results. We feel that showing the effort is more important than costs because we value time.

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Visibility Marketing


Advertising Design

Social media posting according to insights for best return. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. Adjustments made for best ROI.



 Photography of projects, products, staff, team, clients for advertising outlets. Includes graphical elements and photo editing.


Live Webcasting

Advanced production support and training for presenters to keep your clients engaged and informed through video.


Client Review Bumping

Reviews by your clients need to be responded to within 8 hours of their posting. We primarily support Google and Facebook reviews. This service would implement a campaign that requests reviews and responds promptly to reviews. This can be a short-term add-on until you are comfortable handling it yourself.


Video Production

Placement on websites, social media outlets for an extra boost in engagement or special promotion for an event, product, or service.


Web Content Updating

Keeping your site fresh by updating content not only makes Google happy but keeps your visitors engaged and curious. Our team will make recommendations and content changes to help your business website keep living.


SEO Monitoring

Reporting. Roadmap to achieving goals. Set up and monitoring.

SEO Goal Tracking

Reporting. Roadmap to achieving goals. Set up and monitoring.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Social media posts do I get?

Social media posting will vary or could be a set schedule depending on the engagement of your audience and any special events that need highlighting. You may also choose to limit your social media, also referred to as Advertising Design, if advanced services are needed.

What are advanced services?

Advanced services are starred items in the package list. These require specialized equipment and skills.

How do you handle payments?

We invoice clients monthly. Clients can choose to pay by credit card, bank-to-bank, or mailed check. 

How many years have you been in business?

We have been serving clients since 2010 building websites, running advertising campaigns (social media), and delivering photography and video for online distribution.

How do you handle meetings?

We like to meet with clients once per month (more when we get started). Marketing meetings are through video calls at this time.

How do you get started running my accounts?

The very first thing we do is run an audit of your exisitng accounts. This process allows us to be certain everything is in place before beginning.

So are you charging by the hour?

Your monthly items vary in value with web content updates and advertising being the basic starting point. Photography, video production, sound engineering, video webcasting, live events costs depends on the project but are at a higher rate.

How do I find out your rates for everything?

We don’t publish our rates on the internet. Clients who want to use our services can call us at 443-761-7405 or email .

Do you outsource your work?

We do not outsource items listed in our packages, including website development. We do team with database developers and other IT professionals for special projects.