How to Properly Copy and Past Content to Your Website

Firstly, let’s put it out there that the outside source is your work and not someone else’s. Let’s say you have typed up a really great document and you want it to be a webpage or article on your site. You copy and you paste. Done right? Well it is a little known fact that all of the styling is traveling along with that copy paste action you just made. When this happens you are at risk of some pretty unsightly looking things can happen and unless you know how to read code you may never be able to fix it, not to mention the additional characters your page has to load.

  1. Right click and select “Paste as Plain Text” or
  2. “Cntrl” + “Shift” + “V” to strip out all of the unwanted styling
  3. or use the WordPress editor. WordPress comes with a clipboard which is indicated by the clipboard icon with a ‘T’ in the editor window. When you click this icon all of your text will be pasted as just text. There is never a really good reason to bring in Word or any other outside formatting into your website.