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Whether it is public or private, we can integrate a professional production with your video meeting into a branded online site you own and we can manage. Engage your audience with video, takeaways, digital goods, games, bios of speakers, alongside your video meeting, stream, webcast, or live events. We manage the security during the event and bounce anyone out that does not belong or misbehaves.

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Jenn Triplett

Jenn Triplett

President - Multimedia Director

BA Commercial & Advertising Design. Associate’s Degree in Environmental Science. Jennifer Triplett has worked the gamut of the marketing design trade for the past 30 years. 

Annapolis Film Festival. PR Committee. Team Co-Leader Social Media. Team Leader Website. Support for AFF since 2013.

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Treebranch Group was a God-send for our virtual Songs of Hope event at Life of Joy Foundation, IncAssisting with everything from sound-mixing, video-editing, Facebook lives, music videos, and a custom-built event page, they were generously flexible with our needs and collaborating with other event partners to help us create what we wanted. The entire team was a delight to work with, and truly went above and beyond, providing coaching for production dynamics as well organic marketing tips and social media plugs to help with our event’s visibility. THANK you for helping us put on an incredible production TBG!

Joy Cortina

CEO - President, Life of Joy Foundation, Inc.