Maryland State Child Care Association: Event Support CBTS

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Overview Conference By The Sea

The Maryland State Child Care Association has been using the teams’ services for several year providing event technical, marketing, and multimedia support. Their annual event includes development of the registration system, management of registrants, email and other communications 4 days of coverage for training in Ocean City Maryland that holds over 700+ teachers and directors. Support includes website development, Facebook Live, video interviews, event social media posting, and general event support. The past year proved to be the biggest challenge no doubt going from a large annual in-person event to an all online event followed 6 months later with a hybrid event for teacher training.

MSCCA Virtual Event Production Support at a Glance

  • Cvent Registration & sessions build out website
  • Crowd Compass App additional build out and management of the integration with Cvent registration website
  • Video recording & post editing for Keynote presenters and trainers
  • Presentation support
  • DJ Entertainment procurement and technical review
  • Livestream production for their Birthday Bash with a virtual DJ
  • Video post production and podcasting set up (sound playbacks for Spanish versions)
  • Graphic design
  • Social media advertising
  • Website support for their main site
  • Raffle web site system development within WordPress
  • Voucher support
  • Post event close out

MSCCA Virtual Event Production Support In-Depth

CVENT and Crowd Compass Platform Design – APP 

  • Built registration paths for 55+ sessions
  • Created SEO links for ROI – vendors requested a better solution to tracking hits, Barry agreed 
  • Conceptualized solution to host vendor videos and directed Max to use solution at their expense since this was part of their agreement 
  • MSCCA vendor page 
  • Exhibitor-Vendor content 

Cvent-Registration Management for Exhibitors, Speakers, and Attendees 

  • Updated Cvent website pages with virtual conference  
  • Manual removal of all vouchers recorded for initial conference dates 
  • Assisted with registration of exhibitors, speakers, and attendees  
  • Including: registration, cancellations, and vouchers 
  • Manually registered exhibitors, speakers and attendees  
  • Created reports for exhibitors, speakers, and attendees weekly and as needed 
  • Manipulation of data for specific reporting needs such as facilitator reports, session enrollment, etc 
  • Communications via email and phone with registrants 
  • Updates as needed to Cvent platform for changes in sessions, speakers, and exhibitors 

MSCCA Website 

  • Website conference page for virtual
  • Updated and redesign homepage with event branding and links to register, sessions, keynote speakers 
  • Created a Sponsor page 
  • Integrated promo videos 
  • Created a Sponsor form added to homepage 
  • Created an Exhibitor and Presenter page for support and links to uploads to Max’s provided upload folder – requested 
  • Uploaded presenter and Exhibitor orientations and PDF support doc 
  • Integrated YouTube videos for recorded sessions above 
  • Created a form for vendors to send files directly from page per request 
  • Created a Q&A 
  • Embedded video for promo 
  • Created a glance schedule
  • Raffle Page for General and Grand Prize Raffles 
  • Built out 2 web pages for general and grand prize raffles 
  • Built out forms for payment of 2 raffles 
  • Integrated forms with Paypal 
  • Compiled raffle winner data for raffle contact 

MSCCA  Website APP – Existing APP for MSCCA 

  • Changed up APP landing page to be the conference page 
  • Push notification sent for registration deadline 

Video-Sound Support 

  • Keynote video recording
  • Voiceover recordings and editing 
  • Spanish sound editing and embedding onto MSCCA website 
  • Additional promo videos 
  • Tutorial videos 
  • Recordings of orientations, sound editing and frame editing in Premiere, uploading to YouTube channel 
  • Video of 30sec for vendors 

YouTube Channel creation  

  • YouTube playlists creation 
  • For event attendees 
  • Exhibitors-vendors 
  • Presenters 

Project Management

  • Crowd Compass meetings for demo of new platform and backends functions of syncing content 
  • Core Team meetings
  • Presenter Orientations 
  • Exhibitor Orientations & follow up Q&As 
  • Workstream – Fundraising, Networking, 
  • Research meetings for technologies that could be compatible with cVent 
  • Tech call meetings 

Spanish Translation 

  • Task management for Spanish translated service required 
  • Provide Spanish recordings for selected sessions 
  • Set up Training page on website 
  • Uploaded sound files to site in a library format for playback from the website and the Crowd Compass platform 
  • Creation of YouTube playlist 
  • Embed file onto Training page and added linking code to the Crowd Compass page 
  • Translation of selected documents 
  • Voice recording of transcribed text translations 
  • Video editing and placement timing 

Social Media and Communications 

  • Created email campaigns as directed by MSCCA Executive Director from CVent, Constant Contact and Executive Director email with an average of 2 emails per day during the conference and multiple communication emails leading up to the event 
  •  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and newly formed LinkedIn campaigns 
  • YouTube playlist creation and filing 

Birthday Bash Event – LiveWebinar Production and Livestream 

  • Sound checks with multiple DJs 
  • Development of graphics and LiveWebinar customization to match client branding 
  • Equipment and software set up for broadcasting DJ music-feed 
  • Event set up 
  • Multi feed and input production through livestream software and LiveWebinar linked from session page within Crowd Compass 

Equipment and on-site IT Support 

  • Private network set up with Treebranch Group provided router and cables 
  • On site support for LiveWebinar and Vimeo sessions for sound and playback 
  • Back up equipment available at event: 
  • Webcams 
  • Mics 
  • Laptop 
  • Hotspots 

Post Event Support 

  • Design of attendee certificates, multiple iterations to ensure compliance with MSDE  
  • Manual changes to attendee schedules for assessments not approved and changes updates where approvals granted 
  • Review of reports from CrowdCompass for attendees that did not log into the platform 
  • Manual email distribution lists created to exclude non-paid attendees and attendees that never logged into the platform 
  • Session reports for attendees  
  • Design of PAU certificate, multiple iterations to ensure compliance with MSDE 
  • Email communications set up and sent for Certificate and PAU  
  • Email follows up with attendees needing alternate methods of accessing certificates