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We are a web site hosting company specializing in WordPress development and design with eCommerce and online learning solutions. In addition, we provide the marketing & design branches your business needs to be visible and grow. 

In this age of technology, the internet gives us information and a feeling of connection with each other. It’s easy to surf the web. This makes it an excellent time to reach out via your website to give your business more visibility and, therefore, additional clients. Treebranch Group provides the team and technology to help you stay on point with all your website needs. 

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Grow Your Business Online

Start Growing Your Business

Our team is available to listen and talk through new approaches for staying in touch with your clients and keeping your business active. Your clients want to hear from you and are looking for answers to help them through this difficult time.

Clean House

Basic housekeeping is in order. Check your online presence to be certain that what you are communicating to your clients is consistent. Check all of your active accounts where your clients would visit for hours, best ways to reach you, and any social distancing practices that may need to be in place.

Resources Page

Content from the Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce Learn and Lead.

Make Your Website Your New Storefront

Use your site to communicate, make transactions, and provide resources.

Keep Social Online

Engage in conversation, show support and be positive.

Tighten Your Security

More people are online which means more opportunities to be vulnerable. Check out one of our business partners for resources. Golden Consulting, LLC

Be More Visual

Video has become an even more important way to speak your message.


Are you using a domain based email? What message does your logo present?

Re-assess Priorities

Search for a growth potential that is untapped. Listen to the struggles and successes of others. Visit one of our business partners and author Todd Popham for great articles on professional growth.

Create Courses or Articles

Become an expert in your field and help others become more profficient.

Attend Virtual Networking Events

Share your expertise and learn from others, building a network of people from anywhere in the world.

“Treebranch Group made my website clear, clean and concise. “

“They provide all the back office support that I don’t understand and don’t have the time to understand making my site safe and secure. Jenn and her team are always available to answer any questions, face to face, over the phone or via email. Their consultation sessions are ideal if you are unsure which direction you want your business marketing and branding to take. I highly recommend the Treebranch Group.”

Alka Bromiley Inspirational Speaker, Inspire2 Consulting

Inspire2 is a global service provider, supporting individuals and businesses locally, nationally and internationally.

“Treebranch Group was so instrumental in my latest project.”  

“They supported me in designing and launching an online course, chock full of images, language, videos, coding, 3rd party software, email integration, and a whole slew of other stuff behind the scenes. Treebranch Group also dealt with my endless questions and feedback with patience and grace.”

Julie Blamphin Owner-Yoga Instructor, Celebrate the Pelvic Floor

CPF is a global community of women supporting women with the intention of bringing the issues surrounding pelvic floor health into more of a main stream level of awareness.

Notification System

Treebranch Group marketing can keep your clients up to date with the latest news and information, notifying subscribers through your web site, cell phone, or browser. All users opt-in and have the option to opt out at anytime. This alert system is managed by our team and configured through your WordPress site. Special hours? New blog post? Video course available?

We also can develop a stand-alone app to provide users instant access to important content on your WordPress site through their cell phone . This is useful for current issues, event schedules, video posting such as church sermons, and anything else we can dream up with you.