Treebranch Group offers WordPress and WooCommerce packages for online transactions. We also can set the basics up, train you, and let you build out the rest. We offer maintenance support packages that can include SEO, SEM, and social media.

Website Design, Maintenance and Visibility

We build and design web sites. Our team includes a hosting, design, and marketing specialists. Design something that is truly your style and not typical. Get your site built so it is well rooted with our hosting products through our Treebranch Hosting company. Our hosting is separate from our web development so you own your site always. 

Websites & Maintenance

Treebranch Group offers creative personalized website development with complete hosting and maintenance packages.

The crucial main online entrance to your business is your website. It is the first place potential customers or contacts will initially go to learn more about your company. Accurately and creatively presenting your organization is of primary importance. Treebranch Group offers a full range of internet marketing tools and hosting products. We also offer online storage that you can purchase and own. We have the creativity skills to reflect your brand. By collaborating with you to realize your vision,  your website will reflect your individual company’s identity. Through our hosting division, you own the hosting and the domain 100%. Our maintenance packages offer updates to content, plug-ins, and spam control.

Local Business

When we build websites we also build your online presence by auditing your existing visibility. Your website is built with your target audience in mind.


We can design, polish, maintain, and/or optimize your site. 

Specialized Retail

Our sites are custom built to what works best for your business. We offer mobile solutions or alternative designs within the same website url.

Working with Jennifer was a real treat, as she is very patient with my lack of knowledge and walks me through all of the instruction nonjudgmentally.  Her expertise in this field parallel with her gentle nature and attention to detail. I simply cannot recommend her services enough. 

Victoria Stagmer


Need a one page simple site that can get you online quickly? Come on by for an interview and we will set you up with the hosting that will become the content needed to establish yourself online. Inquire about our DIY services which gives you the independence to create your vision with help from seasoned web designers.


BETTER VISIBILITY AND MORE CREATIVITY starts here. Need a more interactive website that has people following your products and even making comments? Our team finds that WordPress offers a more sophisticated solution. It can make your site as complex or as simple as you want it. WordPress sites give you a little more creative freedom. We can custom design your template for you and put in place all of the features you need. WordPress allows for direct shopping integration from your site using plugins. Using WordPress will require regular maintenance. Plug-Ins must also be kept up-to-date and should only be installed from reliable sources.