Turn a Crises Moment into a Controlled Moment

Controlling a crises moment is key to moving forward and we believe humor is one of the best tools you can use, if done appropriately. We agree that there is a time and place for humor. But for the most part being able to laugh off a mistake can be therapeutic and allows for a clearing of the mind so you can all move forward and become stuck in the drama of that mistake or incident. Being able to laugh at yourself is an important skill set as a leader. Now we don’t mean for you to constantly not take yourself seriously. We mean own your error, and focus on fixing it or making it a learning opportunity. Create a relationship with your team where they feel comfortable coming forward and working out a solution with you. Here is a great overview of why humor works as opposed to bad drama. We also went over this during our Learn and Lead workshop with the Author and Business Coach Todd Popham, hosted at the Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce.

Humor at Work, Are You Kidding?