Women Networking with Coffee is a Win-Win

By Jennifer Triplett

Yes 8:30 is early. And despite our own AM challenges, (kids barely making the bus – some not, outdoor road sign being installed 5 minutes before Janis arrived, and preparing for another event that evening) we had a great turn-out with fabulous businesswomen! We were excited to show our friends our studio and share how we can help others in this ever changing marketing world. My First City Coffee Connection was 7 years ago at Mountain Yoga Studio. I was extremely nervous to not only meet new people but to figure out what in the world to say. As it turned out, it was by far the best experience to motivate me to continue onto build a business based on the values of trust, faith, creativity, and good-old-fashion fun. Now, 8 years later I am still seeing some of the same faces of successful women (Nancy). Free networking for women works! Caffeine helps also.

My sincere thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit me, Denise, and Nelsa.